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I'm Swati Goswami, a freelance writer.
An educational fusion of business studies, human resource management, psychology and a blended experience in hospitality, event management and real estate instil in me the openness to understand and think diversely. When I'm not cooped up in my writer's cubbyhole, I'm likely on a spree to drink stories, eat brands, stalk authors and watch Netflix. In between, I can be found dreaming or protesting.

Meraki loves to role-play. For you, it can be a content studio, a creative agency, a branding consultant, a strategic partner, or simply, a communication designer. Meraki believes in the power of collaboration and the strength of team-building. It cherishes the relationships it has earned over the years with designers, photographers, developers and consultants. Meraki loves to surprise by giving more than you can imagine, please feel free to ask!


Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants (CIMA)
Gen Next Studio (Earlier-Nextgen Entertainment Limited)
Silverline Wealth Management Limited
Measure One
Suvidha Projects
Blink Labs Pvt. Ltd.
JWM Global
Eye Care Hospital
Soinsi Digital
Lovely Professional University
Lamp Post Interactions
Technigents Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
eSec Security Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Adapt Research LLP
Globovo Services Pvt. Ltd.
Bhavan's Research Center
National Institute of Design

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